Compile It All

Integrative Seminar Week 14

This class was about reading each other’s responses and deciding what order to compile them in. We noticed that some photos were overlapping,and that the pictures could be arranged in the order in which we walked through our location,so I suggested that we use this to our advantage.

We arranged them as if we’re taking a person on a walk around our space,starting from the beginning of colaba,to the Taj hotel,and ending at Gateway of India.

After almost getting our entire questionnaire butchered by the faculty,we finally settled for three basic questions:

-Does another person selling the same product affect business?
-Is this stall a family business?
-Do you plan to let your children run the stall?If not then how long do you want your business to continue?

We then visited our space again,and collected answers. This experience was quite fascinating,with some interesting answers. Look out for the answers in the final blog!

Lastly, I had to prepare a context for my questionnaire. I thought for a long time about what I wanted my questionnaire to be about. So this is the context I came up with:

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