Integrative Seminar Week 8


It was time to create the final draft of my booklet. Since our Imaging and Seminar classes are spaced out, we could not possibly be ready with the final Seminar submission before the Imaging class came up. So our week 8 submission was a test printout of the chapters.

I knew I wanted the main focus to actually be my writing and not the way it looks ( even though this would technically affect my Imaging grade). At least for the test print, I wanted to keep things simple, using the classy Times New Roman and keeping a single manuscript text body. While creating the draft on indesign, I truly understood the pressure that authors might go through while arranging their chapters. All my struggle was for a mere 6 chapters, and there are authors who cross 20 and 30 like it’s no big deal. I also understood how simple my content probably sounds, and wished I had the literary talent to make it more interesting. Nevertheless, I made a simple test print draft to go as my seminar submission.

In the meanwhile,I also finally decided a title for my booklet. I was super confused about this since giving something a title is a huge responsibility, so I talked to the faculty about it first. I was told to try and find a common element between my chapters, and then try to think of a book title. Upon some thought, I realized that each of my chapters had a positive and a negative. They had both happiness and sorrow. And so none of these cities that I’d written about were ‘perfect’. So I went ploughed through some titles:

  • An Incomplete Metaphor
  • A Dark Day
  • Grey Areas of Town

But none of these seemed to fit. So I decided that I wanyed my title to be a single word instead. And then suddenly, in the middle of the night, I made up my mind to call my book ‘Shadow”.

The reason why I chose this word is because shadows are the contrast of light. And both of them have a symbiotic relationship. Similarly, in the book, all the cities have a good and a bad, an advantage or a disadvantage. Be it a suicidal education utopia, or a party town with child slavery. I could’ve also named it ‘Light and Shadow’, but it sounded too cliche, and all my chapter titles were three word phrases anyway. The word Shadow has an ambiguity to it which I was attracted to.The word is also a sneaky ‘easter egg’ continuation to my ‘Who Am I?’ project done in Semester 1, wherein the beginning of my essay talks about the Carl Jung philosophy and one’s individual struggle between their Persona (the way they portray themselves in front of the world) and their Shadow ( the suppressed self lying within).Since this project digs into the depths of my imagination and made me write things I didn’t even know existed in my head, it just clicks into place. So there you have it! I can finally stop naming my drafts ‘DreAM city dRAft xyz’, and change it to ‘Shadow’.

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