Creative Juice-II

Integrative Seminar Week 13

This blog is about my second and final draft of my creative responses. I was told to switch things up a little and change one haiku to a limerick and increase the length of my second response.

So I made the above changes and got them approved.

1. The dull colour grey,

Couldn’t keep the smoke at bay,

It occasionally stained red,

Like the dome on it’s head,

26th November in Bombay.

2. There was once a man on causeway,

He said,” 250 bucks you must pay!”,

She said,”not more than 200”,

And haggled,but then to his dread,

She angrily walked away.

3.I spotted them from the corner of my eye.A potential sale. They came close,and I was pretty sure I’d make a sale to this group of 6. I said, “ earrings,madam?” To my surprise, they squatted in weird angles with their phones out. I watched them walk away nonchalantly, and felt bewildered.

We also had to create a questionnaire to go ask around in our locality. So our group compiled a list of potential questions .

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