Wearable Concepts-1

Space and Materiality Week 11

This class was solely dedicated to deciding concepts for our project.Since my partner and I had very unique interactions,it took us quite a long amount of time to come up with something we could execute.

For the knee to knee interaction,our first idea was to make a sort of padding on our calves and attach magnets along this pad,to allow the knees to forcefully attract.We did not use this concept later since the magnets needed to be extremely powerful to force our legs to move and it just wasn’t feasible.

The next idea we had was to make proper kneepads and have strings go through them like a corset.it would work by pulling the strings on each side so that the ropes keep tightening,forcing our knees to join.We modified this concept a little bit,and used a half cut PVC pipe on the backs of our knees with ropes in between.This concept we took ahead for our prototyping.

Another thought was to make kneepads connected to an electric circuit and whenever the knees were about to join ,it would give us a minor shock so that our knees would basically never join without having to undergo that irritation.But we binned this for obvious reasons,not only because we weren’t allowed to play with electrical circuits yet,but also since it could cause potential harm.

The next idea was to simply make a kneepad with a PVC pipe in between,preventing the knees from joining,This was a fairly simple idea,but we liked it and wanted to execute it.

The last idea came to us pretty late but it was an important one.This consisted of half cut pipes(again),supporting the backs of our knees,and a slider mechanism for both of us to pull so that the pipes push our knees together from both sides when the handles are tugged.This is another concept we took ahead for prototyping.

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