Following Discipline

Integrative Seminar Week 9


Today was finally the start of a new project. We were suddenly questioned what discipline we were deciding to narrow down upon for year 2, and what our program pathway elective was. I had very recently zeroed down on Product Design as my final choice, right after talking to program heads and faculty from both my fields of interest, i.e PD and CD.

We all discussed what was going on in our electives.I realized yet again how different everyone’s streams are, even though it comes under one umbrella. We reflected upon our meaning of good and bad design, with respect to our disciplines. This helped me understand what everyone else thought of as good or bad, and how the context matters. We also all discussed our own definition of design.

We talked about what the word aesthetic meant to us. I learnt about how dissecting something into categories can make it lose its essence and importance. A good example here was Apple’s idea of exclusivity, and how it has turned the user into a handicap when it comes to using anything other than Apple. From personal experience, I can say this is true. An example from my life would be the Airdrop feature. This allows me to seamlessly transfer artwork and big files between an iPhone and an iPad. But transferring it to the laptop has to be a mega-slow drive upload, since its a Windows.

We were then introduced to the project, Parts of a Whole. I learnt how an element is different from a category, and how these two components make up design. Writing and reading the elements everyone had written on the board helped me understand just how much there is to design. These words also helped me frame a list of my own, consisting of elements and categories of my top 3 discipline choices: PD,CD, and SDM.I then used these in my Integrative Studio class.

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