Metaphors in Dimensions

Integrative Studio Week 5

We all knew that this class obviously meant we had to convert our metaphors to 3D.The look of dread on everyone’s faces was a sight to take in.After the 30 3D boxes last time,it was exhausting to think of having to go through the same cycle again.But this time there was one difference,brown card paper.THis was thicker and stiff,which meant it would hold its shape better.So thus we began working on our 3D boxes yet again.

This time instead of hurrying,we were intentionally taking things slow.Here are a few boxes that I completed:

Using the brown file card had both it’s advantages and disadvantages.Stiffness meant it could stay how I wanted it to without having to hold it in place for longer,but it also meant that it would not bend the way I wanted it to with ease.Still,I figured out ways to make it how I wanted.As you can see above,I was able to successfully translate most of my metaphors into 3D.

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