Finding Answers

Integrative Seminar Week 14 02/04/20 This week I was to shortlist 3 questions from the ones that I’d written for … More

Inquiry or Enquiry?

Integrative Seminar Week 11 16/03/20 Last class, we were told to write a one-page report on our discipline of choice … More

Talk and Map

Integrative Seminar Week 10 9/03/20 In today’s class, we were supposed to bring the 3 mind maps we made last … More

Following Discipline

Integrative Seminar Week 9 2/03/20 Today was finally the start of a new project. We were suddenly questioned what discipline … More


Integrative Seminar Week 8 24/02/20 It was time to create the final draft of my booklet. Since our Imaging and … More

Fixing Mistakes

Integrative Seminar Week 7 17/02/20 Today’s class was for showing up with a refined draft for my six cities. I’d … More

Calvino vs Me

Integrative Seminar Week 6 10/02/20 Today’s class was about finding our own faults. We were asked what we thought we … More

Calvino’s Cities

Seminar Week 3 20/01/20 Today we discussed a few chapter of Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’. The first page of every … More

Design in a City

Seminar Week 4 27/01/20 For this class,we were supposed to read 6 chapters and identify interesting design elements in them. … More