Lenses of Design Context (11-12)

Integrative Studio Week 11-12

We were told that we were supposed to take an element from our second mind map and try to manipulate it. This would explore our ability to be able to keep the essence of a concept but be able to manipulate it enough to make it our own.

Based on this brief I came up with a few inquiry questions initially.

  1. Can all materials be moulded?
  2. What kind of moulds are the easiest to make?
  3. How did people achieve uniformity without moulds?
  4. What shapes cannot be moulded?
  5. Which industries use moulds?
  6. Which scientific laws are involved in injection moulding?

A lot of time was spent trying to understand the brief and formulate these questions. We were given time over the week to work up on ideations based on these questions what is signified and what we thought that they would look like visually. So I came up with a few of my own. This is just something that I thought represents what sitting inside a mold or confining something inside a mold would look like.

Based on these iterations I was told to move forward with the historical point of view. This meant looking at the question titled “how did people achieve uniformity without moulding?”. But then going back to seminar class I was told that my design contexts need to be a lot stronger, and thus I had to re-work on all of these questions. Doing so resulted in changing almost every question that I had written and I shared this with the faculty for Studio as well. Hence I concluded that the final question that I choose must also be changed.

The question that I now had to look at was: How can bioplastics transform the injection moulding industry?

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