Nitty Gritties

Time Week 7


Today’s class was for straightening out the last few details of our videos.

I made some small corrections in my video and finally exported it.I also displayed all my work for the faculty from start to finish, so that I could get it graded.

I realized today how many problems a video making process could possibly face. Looking back on how I made this video, I cannot even begin to describe the kind of tense situations it’s put me through. As I looked at my classmates struggling to get rid of watermarks and holding their hand in their head as their laptop couldn’t bear the pressure, I was reminded of how many times my own laptop couldn’t bear with whatever I was trying to do. Making this video was truly a bittersweet journey that taught me a lot about the technical aspect behind creating a video, as well as the psychological aspect of it, i.e. how the way one edits videos can instantly affectv how it’s being perceived by an audience. I am glad to have done everything from scratch on Adobe Premiere Pro. Even if it is quite an intimidating software to dive into right from scratch, I’m happy I learnt some basic skills about operating a professional level software instead of relying on phone based softwares or ‘easy’ softwares ( which gave the watermark struggle).

I’ve also begun a recent obsession of watching movies that are considered ‘iconic’ or ‘thought provoking’, basically by critically acclaimed directors. And I began noticing things that I usually would’ve never considered. Like how a certain sound used in the background made the scene a lot more impactful, which scenes have probable involvement of Foley sounds in them,how the way a scene is directed and shot makes a difference in the emotion it is supposed to strike, and why a certain abstract frame was used and what it could possibly represent. So it is safe to say that this experience of making my own video has ended up enriching my movie watching experience in daily life!

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