Literally Abstract

Integrative Studio Week 12

We were a little disheartened when we came to know that we had to make yet ANOTHER map! At this point we were getting slightly impatient about when we would finally start planning our final model.

After I came to know the map was supposed to look a lot more abstract as compared to the previous exercise, I got to work immediately. I decided that it would be a good idea to explore different kinds of materials for different parts of the map. So we decided to use jute for the lanes,fabric for the causeway area, and pebbles to signify landmarks.Here’s what our maps look like:

As you may notice, we still kept the look of a map with all the lanes and sections of our space, but also kept the placement of things randomised. Each block/ locality has certain colourful scribbles. These scribbles represent the ‘cluster’, or the amount of people which would tend to exist in every block. Clearly, blocks closer to the Causeway are filled with some outlet stores and some small concrete shops, and the lanes in between are either popular restaurants or small well known eateries. Thus this area would have the maximum buzz. Next,the lanes in between the sea and causeway, are somewhere in between when it comes to population density as well. These are usually small stores,artefacts, storage facilities, and some industrial buildings too. Thus a ‘medium cluster’. The last section of the map is of course,where most do not have access to, i.e. the luxury stretch of road facing the sea, including the Taj Hotel. This is marked ‘low cluster’.

With this, our 2D map was done, and we could finally start thinking about our model!

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