Moments in Colio

Integrative Studio Week 15 After a lot of agreeing and disagreeing, dragging group members to college, going through several ideas,and … More

Some Abstract Research?

Integrative Studio Week 13 We dedicated this class to spending time researching what we wanted our final installation to look … More

Literally Abstract

Integrative Studio Week 12 We were a little disheartened when we came to know that we had to make yet … More

Bling Maps!

Integrative Studio week 11 Our second visit to our selected location, was with a clear mission: To understand what the … More

Meet My Territory!

Integrative Studio Week 10 Almost immediately after our group was formed, we decided that our location HAS to be Colaba … More

We’re Grouped?

Integrative Studio Week 9 All of us had been eagerly waiting for this. We could finally find out what group … More

A Walk Through Colio

Integrative Seminar Week 15 This blog is about the making of my final submission, the booklet based on our space. … More

Compile It All

Integrative Seminar Week 14 This class was about reading each other’s responses and deciding what order to compile them in. … More

Creative Juice-II

Integrative Seminar Week 13 This blog is about my second and final draft of my creative responses. I was told … More

Creative Juice

Integrative Seminar Week 12 This class was about compiling the first draft of creative responses together.Here is my first draft: … More