Upcycle It! (9-10)

Sustainable Systems Week 9-10

We’ve been hearing about the word upcycling for several years now, just in different ways. The best way to explain it would be those school projects, called ‘best out of waste’. I always loved participating in these, since my inner DIY queen jumped out. But today, we know of it as a concept that is a lot more complex, and requires some thinking behind it.

We were first paired up according to material for this concept. The material I received was glass and plastic. I was fortunate compared to the other groups, since a lot of them got materials like cork, which were tough to find and work with. Unfortunately, I knew that I would basically be the only person working on my upcycle project.

So I first discussed and came up with a few iterations.

I thought about using these, and just when I was about to start working on it, the pandemic holiday began. So I made another idea that I liked:

I was close to gathering materials as well:

Unfortunately, to drill a hole in the glass, I would need to take help from a professional glass cutter store. I could not do this since I was locked up at home. Hopefully, after things normalise, I will be able to explore making this project!

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