Good Enough.

Drawing Week 15 I am one of those people who thinks that they’re not worth the stationery they’re using sometimes.Especially … More

Animating Myself

Drawing Week 12 I’d always thought about what a cartoon version of me would look like.Would it look like a … More

Game Plan

Drawing Week 11 After understanding the idea of a Zine and developing a concept around how we wanted our zine … More

Hue And Saturation

Drawing Week 10 This class was about learning how colours can affect our thoughts and essentially a dive into colour … More

Ama-zine Day

Drawing Week 8 Today was our Drawing peer review.I conveniently assumed that we’d have to exchange sketchbooks with one person … More

Drawing Weird Limbs

Drawing Week 7 This class was an interesting take on a difficult topic-foreshortening.Foreshortening is a game of ratio and proportion.Honestly,if … More

Put Things In Perspective

Drawing Week 6 I’ve literally never liked drawing in Perspective. Perspective photos and drawings are so beautiful,and can convey so … More

Going Organic

Drawing Week 5 For this class we were told to bring organic materials such as sticks,flowers,leaves in various stages of … More