Good Enough.

Drawing Week 15

I am one of those people who thinks that they’re not worth the stationery they’re using sometimes.Especially with paper.The higher the GSM/price,bigger the size,the more nerve-wracking it gets.But I knew I’d have to use thick pages for my zine.So I pulled out my favourite watercolour card paper( which is probably as thick as 6 printing sheets) and cut it up into A5 pages.

I then drew my entire zine with pencil on these papers.After this,I statred working on the most important page,the cover.As mentioned earlier,the cover was to have a girl with a head full of flowers ‘watering’ said flowers.I was trying to work backwards here,trying to think of what I could create easily in a digital format(particularly in vector format,since I didn’t want to take risks with the cover and wanted it to look crisp and clear.) and then drawing that.Since I was to draw something which woulod be vectorised later,I thought it was best to use flat colours instead of involving any heavy shading and difference in opacity.So I used the medium I don’t particularly like-poster colours.

I looked up the fonts for my title on DaFont first,namely Couture and Lemon Brush.I feel like Calligraphy fonts go exceptionally well with bold Sans Serifs,so I loved this combination.Lilac has been one of my favourite colours right now,so I made the exact kind of lilac I love and used it for the background.Since I’d started it off with a pastel colour,I kept that going for every colour I used,mixing poster white before using it.After that,I pulled out my weird concoction of alcohol markers,consisting of some basic Copics,and some others which i couldn’t buy as Copics!And it was a huge risk,but I decided to use them on top of the poster paint to see if I could give some flat shadows.They worked really well!

The rest of the zine has a watercolour-alcohol marker combination.I first laid down washes of colour on the micron-outlined artwork,and then used a mix of watercolours and markers to colour in the characters and other components.

The wash of watercolour

I switched between 04/08 Microns for the text,and as for the titles,i used pens and markers.I went in with a white Uniball Signo on the title later for adding highlights,and used a grey N2 Copic marker to add shadows to the text and characters.

After adding all these little details,my zine finally came together! Here’s what my finished hand drawn zine looks like:

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