We’re Grouped?

Integrative Studio Week 9

All of us had been eagerly waiting for this. We could finally find out what group we belonged to for our Studio project. As I noted down the names of different groups, I could see a few people’s faces turn as white as the desk,and others smiling with glee. I was pretty satisfied with my group,since I figured we could all work in collaboration without issues.

A continuation to our seminar class from that morning, we were supposed to think of a place we’d visited and discuss the excerpt we wrote with our faculty. Out of this paragraph,we had to choose 5-6 key aspects which, in our opinion, summed up the entire city/location.

I’d chosen Dubai as my location, so I chose 5 words that I think sum up the place:

  • Cosmopolitan
  • Spices
  • Gold
  • Desert
  • Burkhas

We then had to illustrate these words in an abstract manner:

An abstract representation of different spices in a souk in Dubai.
Overlapping shapes and patterns represent different ethnicities intermingling,forming a cosmopolitan city.
Smooth,black,flowing strokes denote the movement of the fabric of a burkha.
An abstract representation of a desert
This image shows resemblance to the actual gold souks in Dubai. There’s a footpath, stores with gold,and a cloudy sky, but the same shapes signify the different ways in which gold is found.

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