Propelling into The Future

Integrative Studio Week 15

I spent Week 14 doing some testing and experiments on bioplastic. The details and results can be found on my drive. I mention these experiments because for me,it counts as very important process work. I found recipes for creating bioplastics at home online, and decided to give them a go. These experiments actually taught me a lot about the nature and properties of bioplastics. It added some primary research to support the extensive secondary research that I had already done. I also learnt why such experimentation was important. It is because I then started actually understanding what I was working on, and what I was trying to achieve through this project. It also felt like I was one step closer to what I wanted a possible end result of this project to be like.

After all this, I combined everything into a single ppt for review week. My main concern before the review was the fact that the concept I had chosen was not a very common one. Everyone else from PD had taken tangible end results to work on, like a shoe, a woodwork project, etc. But mine was a concept, and a scientific process attached to it.

While presenting, I made sure to create notes for what to say where. This really helped me structure my presentation better and not forget any talking points. The feedback I received was that I could’ve stopped at one iteration instead of expanding on all 4. Because this created a generalisation of all 4 of them. Another feedback that I received is to restructure my experimentation slides before my final iteration sketches, as this would create a better impact.

And with that, I could finally close this chapter called Project 2. Over the last few weeks, I learnt how I could converge and then diverge. By this I mean that I started off by taking a very broad concept, looking at design as a whole, narrowing it down to injection moulding, and diverging from there, looking at the many possibilities. I also learnt how to visually present my data, and make it comprehensible to someone who does not know anything about the topic. Lastly, I am glad to have learnt some valuable insights ablution sustainability, plastic pollution, and the environment, and have thus become conscious of my plastic usage. Farewell,Integrative Studio!

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