G-I-F or J-I-F?

Imaging Week 2


How do you pronounce ‘GIF’? I don’t get what you’re doing if you say ‘g-i-f’,honestly. Anyway,today’s class was about creating a GIF from our movie poster.

We had to pick a part off the poster which we could keep moving and then animate it using the “timeline” window in Photoshop. My pick was pretty easy,I decided to animate the fire around the burning guitar.Below is my static poster:

I used Frame-by-Frame animation and switched the position and opacity of the flame between each frame.I then selected the loop forever option and saved it via ‘Save for Web’ in GIF format.This is how my GIF turned out!

Our homework was to create any gif using an action.We had to illustrate every frame either digitally or by hand,and then turn it into a gif.I chose a popcorn kernel popping and a person diving.

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