Seeing isn’t Observing

Integrative Seminar Week 10

This class fell under the awkward category of Seminar Lectures.The faculty asked us something we never admitted out loud,the things we observed about everyone else sitting in the room.And she asked us one by one,point blank,making sure that the person she questioned us about was someone we didn’t talk to on a daily basis.Everyone was REALLY shy and acting oblivious for the most part.I’m someone who observes the weirdest,smallest details about people around me.But since I wasn’t asked,I shut up!

Observation is an important skill as a designer.We cannot solve problems around us or make people’s lives easier if we don’t observe our surroundings properly.The faculty explained why people make these observations,or more correctly,assumptions based on what we observe.The human mind loves to fill in the blanks.It’s like writing answers in an exam,we tend to at least fill up the paper with some rubbish instead of leaving it totally blank,hoping for the ‘steps ke liye marks’.These assumptions help us arrive to a conclusion just to satisfy our minds. But they’re often given a negative connotation.This is because we end up gossiping about completely wrong sides of a story,and then rumors change along the grapevine.

The healthiest way to combat an assumption would be seeking confirmation.I realized the importance of confirming an observation and how it makes a difference to our opinion on people around us.

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