Peel Back the Layers

Integrative Studio Week 7 17/02/20 The iteration that I finally stuck to was my very first one. I knew that … More

Iterate Away

Integrative Studio Week 6 10/02/20 After the feedback given to me last week, I decided to explore the elements I … More

Dream Cities-II

Integrative Studio Week 5 3/02/20 For this class,we had to show up with 3 iterations for the concept that we’d … More

Building on a Metaphor

Integrative Seminar Week 5 3/02/20 For today’s class we were to bring 6 chapters about a city made completely out … More

Dream Cities-I

Integrative Studio Week 4 27/01/20 For this class,we had to submit 15 thumbnails based on any 5 cities from the … More


Integrative Studio Week 2 13/01/2020 Today we were shown a French film called Amelie,or as the French people call it,Le … More

Nice Click!

Integrative Studio Week 3 20/01/20 Our task for Week 3 was to explore our city through Gestalt’s principles. Brushing up … More