Get A Grip pt.2

Space and Materiality Week 4

This class was a continuation of last week wherein we discussed hand grips that were unique to us.We were asked to make sketches of the chosen 5 grips from 6 angles.This was an easy and enjoyable sketching exercise to do since I had to use my own hand and I really understood the anatomy and how different postures changed the way my hand looked.Below are my sketches:

After reviewing these,we were to finalize which one grip we liked the most.We were told that this grip would finally lead to an abstract model which would be our week 8 project.I personally found the concept of abstraction very difficult to understand.Our model had to convey the grip/action we were going for but couldn’t literally resemble our fingers.Thus we were told to make 3 concept sketches of what our model could looks like based on the feelings associated with the grip.To help us get an idea of how to proceed,we were shown a few works from last year.This only ended up making me feel more intimidated and clueless,though.I finalised the grip I wanted to base my model on:Using the nail file.

Our assignment for the week was to make an abstract concept model of the chosen grip.The key to making this model was making sure that our figure was not ‘too literal’ and still captured the essence of the grip.We were shown a few examples of how the final models could look like.When I saw the final projects from last year,I was at a loss for words.The kind of grip I have chosen is a tough one to incorporate a mechanism in.And here I was, seeing all kinds of lever and pulley mechanisms with great finishing.I had to remember that I needed to think of the form before the material involved,but that is a tough task since my mind was repeatedly wandering to ‘you can make this out of wood,you can make that out of metal.’

Over the week,we were to work on and finalize three concept sketches to go ahead into our project.

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