Making Coasters

Space and Materiality Week 2

Understanding the nature of MDF(Medium Density Fibreboard) and learning how to work with it was the motive of this class.

We were to cut out two 4×4 inch squares for turning them into tea coasters.We could cut out any shape in the given area,make any design on it,with the condition that we could not paint,write,or use any other medium on the MDF.

We were however,allowed to experiment with the machines in the workshop,enabling us to etch,engrave,drill, and cut out shapes to layer them on top of each other.We could either make a pair of matching coasters or completely different looking ones.

Upon arriving in the workshop,the machines looked very intimidating at first glance.I transferred my design on the MDF,cut out the desired shape,and then came the tough part,cutting things precisely to shape and giving the project a finished look.

I first used the jigsaw cutter to cut as close as I could to the shape I wanted,being completely convinced that I was to injure myself any moment.But as I got the hang of it,it became an enjoyable process.I then sanded down on the machine any excess outlines,and finally sat down with a half-flat file to really make sure the shape was perfect.

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