Timed Opinions

Time Week 8

This week was the final cumulation of all our hard work through the last few weeks. We all were given a specific time limit to display our work and talk about it. I was excited to see everyone else’s work, it was like watching short films made by everyone.

I started my presentation by first showing everyone the video,and then talking about my concept. I was pretty clear in the fact that I am a sucker for romantic mushy endings, and using some personal experience in the video. The fact that I had made it like a rom-com under 2 minutes with dialogues from various videos that actually matched and made sense really helped me. Also the fact that I had used dialogues helped the transition of time come through much clearer.

I learnt how everyone understood time differently. Some used sound effects, some used voiceovers, and some used visual effects to aid them in representing time. I noticed that videos with these features helped understand time much better than those that had only video clips. Overall, getting feedback from others and listening to what everyone had to say helped me understand how we all could’ve improved in our content, and also learning some cool video tricks from each other’s videos.

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