Putting Up a Show

Time Week 14-1516/04/20, 23,04,20 It was time to tie up all loose ends. We were ready with the final song … More

The Grace of a Woman

Time Week 13 09/04/20 As the documentation was shaping up, so were our ideas. We began the songwriting process after … More

Documenting Time

Time Week 13 2/04/20 As our ideas began shaping up, it was also important for us to keep track of … More

Ideas in Film

Time Week 12 26/03/20 After having deconstructed all the films, we decided to explore ideas related to them. Our movies … More

A Factory of Films

Time Week 9 05/03/20 Today was the beginning of a new Time project. We started off the class by setting … More

Timed Opinions

Time Week 8 This week was the final cumulation of all our hard work through the last few weeks. We … More

Nitty Gritties

Time Week 7 20/02/20 Today’s class was for straightening out the last few details of our videos. I made some … More

Champagne Roll

Time Week 6 13/02/20 Now that my video content was confirmed and in place, it was time to start and … More

Time In Motion II

Time Week 5 06/02/20 Today’s class was for working on the feedbacks given last class, and create our second time … More