Maps for the Future

Integrative Studio Week 9

This class was all about using the categories and elements created in Seminar, and building a mind map based on them.

We had to make 3 mind maps under the title Mind Map A. These three mind maps would concern the three stream preferences that we had in mind. For me this would be Product design communication design and strategy design and management. I did in-depth research about these three fields and tried my best to break up each of them into their respective categories and elements. The most important thing that I understood out of this research was that there was a lot more to the streams than I thought there was.

Starting with the product design mind map, I made a rough version of it and showed it to the faculty. And the feedback that I received was that I could work on this and expand it a lot more. After doing so for the second time I again received feedback to expand on it and that is how I understood the scale that I was supposed to look into this subject on. Some of the categories that I did not even know existed were joinery, some manufacturing processes like shipping, packaging, casting.

The next mind map that I had to work on was the communication design mind map. This was surprisingly bigger than the product design mind me because there is only so much you can fit on an A3 sheet when it comes to communication design. I included categories like animation publication and print media typography use of color and even some of the end results like websites, comics, books, and apps. This my map introduced me to the world of branding, which is a category that I have heard of, but never explored it. It allowed me to understand the terms used in the branding world, and I am sure that whatever I read up on will prove useful regardless of discipline.

The last mind map that I made was based on strategy design and management. This one was particularly interesting because I had no clue what the terms involved in strategy design were. This my map allowed me to get introduced to a lot of business terms that I had never heard of before. Particularly terms related to entrepreneurship and start ups. This mind map also taught me the process involved in design thinking which forms a very important branch of strategy design. I actually was able to understand the design thinking process through the mind map and apply it everywhere now!

Overall these mind maps were really insightful in helping me make a concrete decision about the discipline that I was going to choose in the future, since they allowed me to explore parts of these disciplines that I had never thought of. And with that, I finalized Product Design to be my future discipline for the next three years.

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