Imaging Week 9 07/03/20 Today we were introduced to our project for Week 15. This project was linked to our … More

Create A Shadow (7-8)

Imaging Week 7-8 28/02/20 This week and the previous one was spent creating my whole booklet for the final time. … More

Rise and Fall

Objects as History Week 7 18/02/20 This class was used for discussing instructions related to our Week 8 project. We … More

Bangkok To Bombay

Sustainable Systems Week 7 18/02/20 For today’s class, we had to present a case study comparing the problems we noticed … More

Nitty Gritties

Time Week 7 20/02/20 Today’s class was for straightening out the last few details of our videos. I made some … More


Integrative Seminar Week 8 24/02/20 It was time to create the final draft of my booklet. Since our Imaging and … More

Boxed Up

Integrative Studio Week 8 24/02/20 Today was the review day for our final tunnel boxes. I was the first guinea … More