Animating Myself

Drawing Week 12

I’d always thought about what a cartoon version of me would look like.Would it look like a cute character?This class was all about finding out whether I could pull off creating myself as a character.

Character design is not something I’ve ever delved into before.I have always found it fascinating,but was too scared to try it out myself.I always prefer to work starting from a reference instead of letting my imagination take control,and I know that’s probably a killer for creativity,but I still find it comfortable for creating a good outcome.(Also why I’ve forever been the worst at drawing competitions in school).

So this class was a little out of my comfort zone.However,since I knew beforehand that this class would go into development of my zine,I’d already begun planning out my character:

In the class itself,the faculty first told us to design a random unrelated character.We were first supposed to ideate the attributes of this character based on some categories,and then go on to imagine the character and sketch it.

After creating this girl I had in my mind from scratch,I moved on to create a more sci-fi character.I found this to be even tougher than a regular character,and now that I look back I probably should’ve taken a dynamic pose reference before drawing this one.I wanted to draw a cyborg,but with slightly human proportions (similar to a character from an anime called ‘ One Punch Man’).I am disappointed with how awkwardly this character is posing.The details on it could’ve been better too.

Lastly,and most importantly,we came to designing the character for our zine.As I’d previously decided,I wanted my character to look similar to me.I often wear a T-shirt and loose ripped jeans these days,so I implemented that in my character too. And I decided to keep the wild messy hair on my character too.

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