Boxed Up

Integrative Studio Week 8


Today was the review day for our final tunnel boxes. I was the first guinea pig to go up and present my work. I was nervous because I definitely knew it was wrong, but still decided to give it a confident try. I began by showing all my iterations one by one, talking about the thought that went behind each of them, what worked and what didn’t. As I proceeded to the layers of my city however, I soon began explaining things in specific sections, which was a mistake on my part, since it began sounding less and less cohesive as I went on. So the feedback I received was that I should’ve developed my concept better, and stuck to the one-metaphor city ( for example, books or glass) for the final model. I knew that the damage had been done already, and I understood that I can’t afford to get too attached to my project all the time, and definitely not enough to get carried away into doing whatever I want.

After my review was done, I sat down to observe everyone else’s work. I loved listening to the thought process that everyone put behind their craft. It made me think how even though everyone was given the exact same instructions, they put their own spin to it and created some wonderful concepts. From seeing others’ work , I understood how I could present mine in a better way, and also picked up the things that I did better than them and what they could’ve worked more upon. I also observed how while talking about a project like this, presentation is clearly of the essence. People with incomplete tunnel boxes got some really good grades and remarks, while those with fully finished boxes and poor presentation got a poor grade. Overall, it was a very interesting experience to see a cumulation of what my peers were working on for weeks turn into a final submission.

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