Forgive Me, Master

Imaging Week 5


Today’s class was about designing a layout for our Seminar project, i.e. Dream Cities. We had to decide what the 6 chapters would look like when printed. Even though I don’t exactly have all of my content for Seminar in place, I knew I would like to include some photos and probably illustrations, and would want to keep some text- heavy pages.

I worked with an InDesign feature called Masters. A Master page is sort of a rule book page that all the other pages of the document follow. Any changes made to the Master pages would apply to all pages of the document. Initially I was really confused by this concept, and hence tried to avoid it for the first two booklets, but for this one, since I would be having repetative layouts, I decided to give this feature a try.

The Master page is generally used for adding text placeholders and Image frames. It’s like an Instagram story layout app(for example,Unfold), except in this case we’re the ones creating the layout and not the app developer. We can then choose which page numbers to apply the master to, and drag it to those pages, or right click and choose the ‘Apply Master To…’ option. We can obviously create more than 1 Master page, and by default they follow alphabetical naming. For my document, I created three master pages,A,B and C. One was for the cover page, while the other two for the content.

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