Space and Materiality Week 6

After we finalised our concept sketches and the one chosen concept last class,it was time for us to draw technical sketches for the same.We were taught the kind of joinery we could implement in our final models instead of just sticking things with adhesives.

We were also given an entire list of materials we could explore in our models.Ranging from soft to hard in various forms and states,these materials gave us an idea of things we could finally use.

Any model to be made needs a minimum of three technical drawings.A front and side view(elevation) and a top view(plan).After understanding how these drawings should look and how to draw them,I sat with a ruler and began to draw.

My final concept was initially supposed to represent Precision.Along the way,I changed my concept to represent both,Precision and Repetition.Below are my progressive technical sketches:

Technical sketch of my initial concept.
Final technical sketch.

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