Health and Hygiene (11-12)

Sustainable Systems Week 11-12

After our upcycling project, we were now completely online. This is when we were assigned our next project, the health and hygiene module. Thankfully the groups were to remain the same as our previous project, that is, the Clean water and sanitation projects. But before we could get started with any group work, our first task was to understand the meaning of the words ’health and hygiene’.

So I began researching, reading through WHO fines, and even visiting hygiene-related brands like Dettol on their website to see their views on the topic. I compiled all my learnings into a presentation that I presented in the next class. This is up on my drive.

After doing our individual secondary research it was time to put this into use. As a group we were supposed to create a module explaining the concept to a certain group of people. This group of people would be divided based on an age category. I agreed with my group that the best category for the health and hygiene topic would be children aged 0 to 12, simply because this is a good time to start inculcating values of health and hygiene in them.

Through this session, I learnt that there are several different sub categories in health and hygiene, and that the WHO evaluates each of them separately. I also understood how to present all the data I had collected in a visual manner.

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