Get a Grip

Space and Materiality Week 3

This class was all about the actions I use everyday without realizing how often I use them.We were told to list down hand grips we use daily,and write down those which were important or unique to us.

When everyone began discussing the grips they had chosen,a lot of us had several grips in common.After ruling those out,we could finally figure out those that were different for us specifically.the ones I finalised were:

  • Turning a gas knob
  • Picking up a coin
  • Opening a nail polish bottle
  • Opening a bracelet
  • Using a nail file

In the second half of the class,we had a fun activity planned for us.I was told to inform everyone to get a coloring medium and knew that music speakers were involved,but had no clue why.We were told that we had to listen to music and express how we feel in terms of color.This was truly enjoyable for me,as I went along with the rhythm of the music and filled up color on paper.It was also nice because the music played was great! Below are a few of my abstractions:

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