Style and Wrap

Imaging Week 6


I used today’s class to work further on the layouts created for my seminar booklet.

Although it wasn’t really necessary to use Master pages for my booklet since it had different layouts on every spread anyway, I still wanted to see how it worked. Everything was going well till I realized I’d accidentally begun pasting the content on my master pages. So I had to take away all of them, using different layouts on individual pages. I still found use for the Master pages, in form of page numbers.

I also learnt how character and paragraph styles work. This feature is something I would probably use when a part of the title or body text has more than one setting applied to it and would be annoying to keep applying it over and over again. I also learnt how to ‘thread’ one text box to another. This was particularly helpful since I had a habit of repeatedly adjusting the content according to the size of the text box, which was pretty time consuming. Now I could simply link boxes and let the text transfer to wherever I wanted it to.

Lastly, we were taught how text wrap works. Text wrap is used when the body text needs to go around an image, either to make some visual statement, or to save space. The text can move according to the bounding box or the actual border of a ‘transparent’ image, among other options. Though this feature is interesting, I personally don’t like it for books. No novel that I’ve ever read till date has pictures and text wraps on one page!

I had pictures of the iterations I’d done in studio class, so I used those in my project. I kept the page colours white and used either one or two columns. This is because I didn’t want to create too many columns and then make it end up looking like a magazine rather than a story book.

Although very simple and generic, I like Times New Roman as a font, so I used it throughout. I now know better,and realize that serif fonts are probably not very good idea for body text, but it was too late till i realised!

Once the basic layout was done, I saved it and used it for further parts of my project.

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