Bangkok To Bombay

Sustainable Systems Week 7


For today’s class, we had to present a case study comparing the problems we noticed in Mumbai (based on our survey and research) and compare it to any other city of our choice. We decided to go international, and find a city on the same level of development as Mumbai. And that’s how Bangkok seemed like the perfect idea for us.

We researched about the kind of problems Bangkok usually faces, what it has in common with our city, and how Bangkok is tackling them and coming up with solutions. I think the presentation we thus created speaks for itself:

Below are the slides I made:

Through this presentation, I realized that problems all over the world aren’t so different. The difference is only in the way they’re dealt with. Bangkok has two things which make it superior: government support and community involvement. As a city, or even a country, we can aim for at least one of these , and that is at least raising initiatives in the community itself. A great example to look up to is the Red/White flag system used in Bangkok to signify presence of mosquito larvae. A good example of government involvement is the preservation of the “Green Lung” area by the Chao Phraya to maintain it’s natural biodiversity. I also understood that the two things we had hit a nail on, i.e the government and the community, is what we need to involve in our final project. And with this in mind, we began brainstorming about what our next move should be.

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