Narrate Your Time

Time Week 2


In this class,we were asked to bring three narratives in which we perceive time.This could be any action,activity or event,but the only rule was that it couldn’t be something that occurred naturally,like rotting of an apple.These are the three narratives that I came up with:

  1. Journey Of A T-shirt : A good graphic t-shirt in your favourite store is like a blessing.You immediately buy the t-shirt,not even checking for size,and wear it to the first social event you can find.For the next few weeks,all you can grab from the front of your cupboard is this t-shirt. Then it becomes repetitive.You switch things up and begin using it for daily errands.Several cycles through the machine demotes it to home use.One scratch,one snag,and it has holes in it.Finally,you are forced to give up the T-shirt and it becomes the house rag.
  2. Train Crowds: I have a love-hate relationship with the train.I love it at 12 PM,at 7 AM,at times when it’s empty and free.But the one thing Mumbai locals are known for is being overcrowded.So I can perceive time of the day simply by looking at the density of the crowd on the platform.It starts off practically empty,and early birds come in around 7.By 9 AM,there’s no way to get on the train when it’s taking a halt.This dissipates at 12,preparing for the next onslaught of office-goers,college students and all of Mumbai after 5 PM.
  3. Insect Attack! : Change of seasons in my house partially depends on how many insect repellants we need.A variety of small,pesky guests signifies the onset of monsoons.The most versatile member is the mosquito.Mosquitoes can tell season,they swarm the house in humid summers,and take leave in the ‘winter’ months of Mumbai. They also tell me time of the day, based on how panicked I get about leaving the window open.If it’s after 7 PM,they won’t leave without farewell bites!

Next,we were supposed to create 7-10 thumbnails for each of our narratives to represent them visually.

Finally,we were supposed to choose a favourite and least favourite narrative,and state our reasoning for the same.

Favourite: Train crowds.

Reasoning: Train travel is a part of my everyday routine and thus it is the narrative I relate to the most.It is also the most accurate way to represent time,it can tell seconds,minutes,hours, the difference between night and day,and even tell months apart.Since it is the most precise, it is my favourite narrative.

Least favourite: Insect attack!

Reasoning: Even though mosquitoes can be labelled with a given time and season for entry,in most cases they simply show up uninvited whenever they want.The way time is shown in this narrative is not very distinct.Due to the discrepancy in the entrance of insects in my house and unsuccessful representation of time in general,I find this narrative to be my least favourite.

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