Dinner Platter

Integrative Studio Week 8

Today was the Peer Review for Integrative Studio.I knew that it was review day,and yet I had not assembled my model yet.But thankfully,I came in ready with a mind map I had made the night before.I broke up my model into 4 sections,my habits,my traits,my personality and my behavior,I then proceeded to make quadrants on the paper and split my metaphors according to these 4 sectors.I kept segregating until I had a rough circle of metaphors linked to each other clockwise.I decided that I was going to keep this clockwise format for assembling my model.

I sacrificed my break for once because I knew that I would not be able to narrate a perfect story unless I had the whole installation in front of me.So I sat and arranged everything and glued it together,till I had a perfectly sturdy installation.I was actually quite satisfied to see how my use of the file card made my installation sturdy.When I walked into the classroom,I saw other people just beginning to assemble their installation and failing miserably since they were trying to do it in a hurry.I sauntered in with my final concrete installation and felt relieved that it was done.

And so we began with the peer review.Peer review is like a game of first impressions for me.If you don’t manage to catch my attention in the first five minutes,you’ve already lost me.And so I gave people scores based on their presentation,making of their individual metaphors,neatness,explanation,and most importantly,clarity of thought.If one did not have coherent sentences/explanations I found it difficult to understand what they were trying to convey.While all this went on,I myself was also trying to plan a smooth narration in my head.

When it was finally my turn,I made sure to take a confident approach.I referred to my mind map the whole time and it clearly signified I had everything planned.This is my final installation:

As it is clearly seen,my model is arranged in a turntable manner.So I named my concept ‘Dinner Platter.’When explaining each metaphor,I would turn my ‘Platter’ around to display that specific 3D box.Based on what my peers had to say,I think my review went pretty well.

I was happy that my review went smoothly.Although I wasn’t present,I got to know that my peers insisted that my name be there for the Studio day display.So that was a nice thing to hear too!

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