Audit Checklist

Elective Week 3

Today’s class was about learning how to create a checklist to audit a performance space.

I got to learn several interesting technical things about creating an audit.Most importantly,the gradient ratio 1:12 and its importance.This ratio is used for the creation of slopes/ramps in public spaces.It follows simple mathematics,if the vertical height from the top of the ramp to ground level was 1 unit,then the length of the slope would have to be 12 times 1 unit,or simply 12 units.This ratio can be used as a cross multiplication to find out the length of every ramp necessary.The minimum required length for the ramp is 10 units,else it needs to be specified as a SLOPE and not a ramp.I also learnt the minimum breadth for a doorway,which is 1 meter.

Further,to allow the individual maneuvering the wheelchair some ease,the ramp contains intermittent flat areas,allowing brief rest. This was a really good insight and I made it a point to use this in my checklist.

I made an effort to try and cover every section of the place we were to visit,such as entrance,parking,restrooms,drinking water and numerous facilities.Thus I successfully managed to get an approval on my checklist.

My group then made up our minds about the locations where we would visit for an audit,and we are looking forward to physically exploring the sites and finding out if they are up to the mark.

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