Put Things In Perspective

Drawing Week 6

I’ve literally never liked drawing in Perspective.

Perspective photos and drawings are so beautiful,and can convey so much more as compared to a normal randomly clicked photo.They can tell you what’s going on behind that nook in a picture,or what the shadow under a shape actually means in a drawing.I’m not an avid anime fan,but in whatever little I’ve watched,I am literally spell bounded after seeing how the Japanese make use of perspective in action sequences to really bring out what the character is doing.As amazing as it is,drawing it myself is something I am not confident about at all.I have always been bad at straight lines{Ironic,since my friends who can’t draw will say “I can’t even draw a straight line.” Guess what?Same.}and I also don’t know how to quickly place them the way I want on paper.

Nevertheless,I have been acquainted with perspective before.But I learnt two new things about perspective,Bird’s eye view and ant’s eye view.These are a hybrid between two point and three point,and in my opinion they create beautiful drawings when used correctly.Here are a few of my first attempts:

For our home assignment,we were told to place ten objects in front of us,and draw them in different perspectives,changing the arrangement each time.I was slightly stressed about this assignment,staying up for quite a while to do it.I decided to use only a ball point pen because I wanted to improve my confidence in terms of smoother strokes.I’m moderately satisfied with my attempts:

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