Game Plan

Drawing Week 11

After understanding the idea of a Zine and developing a concept around how we wanted our zine to look like,we began thinking about each frame of the zine and creating thumbnails of how the final version would look.

The topic I’ve chosen for my zine is Body Positivity. I know it’s a controversial topic to choose,since everyone has their own opinion about what is considered ‘body-positive content’ and as Indians,we don’t consider it a legitimate concept at all.But that’s why I wanted to make it.My intention is to bust common myths about body positivity,how it is wrongly marketed,and how other girls like me struggle with feeling good about their bodies.

I decided not to turn all frames into a comic strip but instead mix it up with information/fact pages.This way I could convey information a lot better and prevent the content from getting monotonous.I also planned out a few pointers about what I wanted my zine to convey and what the colour palette would look like.

I made a few initial thumbnails for my zine,to get an idea about where it was going and what each page would show.

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