Integrative Seminar Week 1

The first class for Integrative seminar was all about discussing the word ‘Reflection’ .We were asked about what the word meant to each of us personally.For me,the moment I think of ‘Reflection’,the first thought is always a mirror. And that fits the more philosophical meaning of the word too.To reflect is to look take out time and analyse my past actions.To contemplate about why I did or said something the way I did.

In my opinion,reflection often merges with regret.A majority of the time that we actually spend in self-reflection is actually regretting something we did instead.A day to day example from my life would be replaying arguments in the shower and making permutations and combinations in my head to play out different outcomes!But that’s where we go wrong.If I could learn to reflect on my thoughts before I make terrible decisions so that I don’t spend an unhealthy amount of time regretting them.

I was pleasantly surprised that I realized all this under a two hour duration,and had never thought about it for 17 years of my life! In my appalled state, I moved on to the next segment of the class, introduction to literary forms-Haiku,7 word story,280 character story,Limerick.We were given some photos to take inspiration from and were free to use any of the given word formats.


Every single visit to the beach is a new experience for me.Should I feel sad looking at happy children with no responsibilities?Or feel insecure looking at the perfect skinny women?Or should I feel calm and dazed looking at the endless horizon?Guess i’ll find out on my next trip.

2. The room was empty,

like my brain in a test

with some buzzing bees.

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