The ‘Me’ in Metaphor pt.2

Integrative Studio Week 4

Today was all about improving the designs that we had made for our metaphors and fairing them out.We were allowed to make fair versions using pencil,ink,or even paint,with the condition that the composition had to be black and white.I chose markers as a medium,because in my opinion they are the least messy and easy to use,while also getting the job done without hassle or wasting time.

A general pattern in my fair versions is that I’ve just outlined whatever I had done in pencil,because in my opinion whatever way I filled it with would affect the 3D versions that I was to do later.In some places,however,I did try to play with negative space and fill out shapes with color while leaving other areas blank,just because in my opinion,it emphasizes the concept/metaphor that I am trying to portray.

I completed my boxes and they were ready to be converted into 3D.Below are a few of my designs:

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