Good Enough to Print!

Imaging Week 15 After I completed all my content pages,I made my zine cover page on Illustrator.I made the background,the … More


Imaging Week 14 Okay so last time remember how I said there’s a certain process which keeps being repeated with … More


Imaging Week 13 This is a continuation to the zine process.Here on,every step is basically the same,namely: Opening scanned drawing … More


Imaging Week 12 After looking through formats and colour palettes,I could finally start making a digital zine.I honestly took a … More

Laying it Down

Imaging week 11 This class was about deciding the layout for our zine.We were told to decide the colours for … More


Imaging Week 10 This week we were taught a few Photoshop tricks or as we call it in hindi,’jugaad’, that … More

Galileo Figarooo

Imaging Week 9 Today we were to create movie posters on our own.We could choose any title,genre and create an … More

Reverse the Clock

Imaging Week 8 Today’s Imaging class was about learning how to retouch.But before that,we were given a small task to … More

Peaches to Apples??

Imaging Week 7 Today was all about being as non destructive as possible. Layer masks and clipping masks are used … More

Introduction to Photoshop

Imaging Week 6 I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was to learn Photoshop properly.Ever since I realized … More