Are People Aware?

Sustainable Systems Week 5


In last class, ma’am shortlisted a few of our questions to be asked around in our respective localities. So I made an MCQ-style Google form to make it easier for people around us to answer, and in some cases we went around and asked the questions physically, but entered details on behalf of the responder into the file. Below is our survey and response link:

After getting a really good amount of responses, we decided to sort this data according to location, question and sort out important responses to our last question, i.e

“Besides illiteracy, why do you think India lags behind in terms of sanitation?”

Although this question got an overwhelming number of passionate responses, there were few that I picked simply because they stood out and in my opinion managed to capture the essence of the goal.Here are both documents that I made in class:

We now had to segregate responses based on different categories, and get an idea of what the situation in the entire city looks like.

This survey was a real eye-opener for me. It only proved how many Indians are very well aware of how bad the situation is, and the overwhelming majority of those who have no clue about what’s going on. 95% of those who filled the form avoid going to washrooms and curb the urge simply because the washroom isn’t in the condition for them to use. And I being a girl, can obviously testify to this myself. 23 people who filled this form flush their sanitary products down the drain. The first thing written on the back of any sanitary product and in every public washroom is to avoid doing exactly that. But a lack of awareness about all these basic facts harms both, our bodies, and the environment around us. I saw entries of people not showering as often as needed, people not knowing whether they’re drinking filtered water, and avoiding segregation of waste in their houses. And they’re probably my age, living in a similar environment like I do. So I learnt a lot from the data that these responses gave me. I hope filling the questionnaire itself made the responder a little more of an aware citizen too.

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