Integrative Seminar Week 2

‘Retrospection’ is a term that plays a very important role in all of our lives.It can be described as a review of the past events in our lives.It is essentially ‘looking back’ to access our own memories.

So why is retrospection actually important? In my opinion,Retrospection allows us to relive fond memories or past mistakes,and uses them to influence our future decisions.It broadens our perspective and enhances our creativity.

After discussing the meaning of the term,we were told to literally ‘access’ our earliest childhood memory.My earliest childhood memory is from when I was probably three years old.I was taken to the Tirupathi temple,had to wait in a ridiculously long line,and was given a toy in my hand to distract me while my hair was shaved off in seconds.I went as a toddler with brown curls and came back looking like a shiny flesh coloured moon!

I still remember the lamp in my hotel room,the floor of the place where my hair was shaved,and other weird details from that visit.

Our assignment for the day was to write three letters to our past selves,and pick a corresponding picture for it.These are my letters:

Letter 1 
Dear Ashlesha,
I know you’d rather come to this concert with better company like your friends(and not your dad)and you feel guilty about not telling them you’re here right now,but please don’t worry about that.You’re about to have the time of your life inside that arena,and I want you to enjoy it as much as possible.
You might never get this chance again,and I know you’ve screamed and cried about these tickets.Sure,your seats are far from the stage,but that doesn’t mean the experience will be disappointing! You’ll make friends with a bunch of foreign fans. 

Just remember,stop freaking out about recording as much as possible on your phone and record it in your memory instead.
Looking forward to hear how it went.
Warm regards,

Letter 2 
Dear Ashlesha,
It’s me post grade 12.Believe it or not,I didn’t take up science like you thought I would.I finally made a choice for myself instead of listening to others.I’m in design school now! Remember the one you visited for a workshop in July? Yep,that one.And I’m doing great. 
I heard its your first MUN?MUNs can be super stressful,I know.But it’s going to help you with your public speaking skills.I request you from the bottom of my heart,please TALK.I’m pretty sure you don’t want to and you just want to sit in a corner and listen,but you’ll feel good about yourself if you talk.

You will get better at this,I promise.I don't mean to drop spoilers,but next year you're going to perform so much better!(And look better too)
Enjoy the process.Have fun!
Warm Regards,
Ashlesha Desai.
Dear Ashlesha,
I cannot even comprehend how much I miss you.I miss your cheeriness,your annoying nagging,the buzz of excitement,and your loud non judgmental behavior. Your excuse for being upset right now is ridiculous,though.Let the adults dance in peace!Just because it’s your fifth birthday doesn’t mean you’re the center of attention all the time!In fact,later in life you will soon make several mistakes in this specific aspect and realize your shortcomings yourself.I could warn you right now not to do so,but you’ll never learn if you don’t make a fault.We used to be really similar once.Now it’s like two ends of a dipole.
Soon enough,you’re going to meet people your age who will end up being the best part of your school life.Please never do injustice to their friendship,else you might just let them go.
For now,however,show off your shiny new dress!Live your childhood to the fullest,as these days are precious beyond value.
With love,

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