Documenting Time

Time Week 13


As our ideas began shaping up, it was also important for us to keep track of the themes we were representing and documenting it. For this, I began taking screenshots of scenes that I thought were pivotal. After everyone had contributed their screenshots, we arranged them in order of the movies, and played backing track of the movie to support them.

I realized this was nowhere close to enough.The more I looked at the video, the more unconvincing it became, which was frustrating. So I decided to rework on the entire thing from scratch.I began screen recording short clips instead of screenshots this time, since I realized that they were a lot more effective in conveying what I wanted them to. After this was done, I wanted to be able to stitch these together using a narrative. For this purpose, I wrote a short poem summarizing the era:

It started as a glimpse,

To ages back in time,

When witnessing the silver screen,

Cost much less than a dime. 

I cannot begin to tell,

My woes and my flaws ,

My wounds are all still healing, 

From all these social claws. 

Or I could tell you one, 

They call it Dowry, 

I remember when she couldn’t pay them, 

The silence then was eerie. 

And I could tell you another, 

Like a die in stone it is cast. 

Will they perish if they touch her? 

They look at her shadows, aghast. 

They domesticate their cattle,

But become their own herd,

Bleating “What will people say?”

This mutation, isn’t it absurd? 

They learn from all their takes, 

And impress the shepherd, 

Until learning from their previous mistake, 

Becomes a phenomenon, well heard. 

They filled me like a melting pot,

With cries, to come undone.

Until one day, at the stroke of the midnight hour, 

I gained my freedom.

This was used as a voiceover for the final documentation video, along with relevant screen recordings.

This whole documenting process was really all about trial and error for me. I thought something would work well, but it absolutely didn’t, and then I had to start over. It also made me realise how stubborn I am. This might sound odd, but I didn’t know what extent I was ready to go to when I did not like what I submitted. This part of the project made me realize that, since the rush of panicking after I realized that the first draft was bad drove me into writing a complete poem under 30 minutes. And I am not a gifted writer. Besides that, it actually broke down my fear towards poetry writing. I hated it throughout school, and absolutely avoided writing any, or even reading the poetry chapters given for the exam. But seeing myself whip up a poem ( although a pretty basic one) helped me feel better about poetry writing as a whole! I also understood how powerful audio and video put together can be. When they are somewhat in sync, the viewer will automatically make thousands of interpretations of their own, and will fill in the blanks.

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