Power of the Pen Tool v.2.0

Imaging Week 4

A continuation to last class,we were taught how to trace simple 2D vector characters today.

We were to trace out a 2D vector character and fill in its original color using the color dropper tool.It followed the same process as last time,except this time I created layers for each component of the character I traced.

The class also covered Gestalt’s Principles.

Gestalt’s Principles is a theory of visual perception based on components of visual hierarchy.None of Gestalt’s principles are standalone,all of them work in unison.They are-Law of Similarity,Proximity,Continuity,Closure,and Figure ground. These laws have been interacting with things around us without us realizing it,and they always apply to every visual composition we make,even with our eyes.The difference between me before knowing these laws and after is that I started consciously spotting things which signified the laws in some way after learning them.And I intend to make this habit stronger,since it will only benefit me to understand how to manipulate the law for better results in future projects.

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