Integrative Seminar Week 9

Today’s class was about discussing our visit to the museum and talking about our cities.

We talked about the maps we saw in the museum,the models of the various residential colonies that the British planned to set up,models of the different communities that lived in Bombay at the time.We also talked about how ‘Bombay’ and ‘Mumbai’. often converge and how the new and the old parts of it interact everyday.

Next,the outstation students discussed their own cities.It was interesting to listen to how different people had different descriptions and opinions about their own cities.

Next,we were supposed to pick any one city that we had visited in the past and write a 150 word excerpt on it.We were to mix personal,cliche and unique aspects about the city in our essay.This is my excerpt:

I visited Dubai this July.I still remember my visit as if it were yesterday.Dubai has a certain feeling of luxury attached to it.It made me feel like one of the influential wealthy sheikhs,even though I wasn’t!Dubai is located in the Middle East,and so is a majorly Islamic country.So it is conservative in terms of dressing.I ended up feeling out of place seeing burkha clad women around me.But I definitely did not feel out of place shopping like them.I made sure to cover the spice souks,gold souks,as well as the huge glamorous malls of the city.Since Dubai is a comparatively tourist friendly destination in the UAE,the crowd living there was quite cosmopolitan.One of the most fascinating things I experienced was how this desert region barely cared for water! Water was expensive compared to soda drinks,and wasn’t served at restaurants unless asked for,Meanwhile,petrol was sold much cheaper than in India.Overall,the food was great(amazing chicken),the people were friendly,and I had a great time in Dubai.

Me,casually trying to fit in.

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