Not Your (p̶r̶o̶t̶o̶)Type

Space and Materiality Week 7

This week we were given time to come up with 3 prototypes which would give us an idea of materials to finalize and mechanisms to implement.My concept did not require a lot of mechanisms or movement as such,so I made up my mind to keep my prototypes pretty simple.We were clearly told that this was a ‘rapid’ prototyping session,so the outcome need not be concrete.

When I finally sat down with some material to make the prototypes,I realized that it actually wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be.Several of my initial tries and attempts failed,but then finally I was able to put together 3 prototypes.One prototype is made out of a soda can,wherein I bent it into a spiral to represent the outer bent metal component.the second one is made out of ice cream sticks and air drying clay.I was initially going to use this shape in the model to represent my fingernail but didn’t because I thought it would hinder the usage and movement of the nail file component by restricting it to be placed a certain angle.The third and final prototype is the closest resemblance to the main model.It is made of file card and aluminium foil.Below are my three prototypes:

outer metal component
fingernail representation

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